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1. China Looking to Buy Oil & Diversify from US Treasuries
2. EUR - European Currencies Pricing in Expected Rate Cuts
3. Stock investors sift for clues ahead of jobs report
4. Forex Achieves New Prominence
5. Forex Volatility Ahead on ECB, BOE Interest Rate Announcements (Euro Open)
6. US Dollar Ignores Asian Stock Drop as Forex Traders Brace for NFP (Euro Open)
7. UK, EU Central Banks Follow the Federal Reserve
8. Mounting Strains In Global Financial Markets Threaten To Topple Government's Efforts To Revive Sentiment
9. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 03.09.2009
10. Euro Rebounds Against US Dollar as Stock Markets Correct Higher (Euro Open)
11. US Dollar Rebounds Sharply as China's Trade Data Disappoints (Euro Open)
12. Euro Gains Likely Corrective, Trend Remains Bearish Against US Dollar (Euro Open)
13. Euro Holds at 1.29, EZ Retail Sales to Fall for Eighth Month in January (Euro Open)
14. G20 Summit on Economy Kicks-Off Today
15. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 03.16.09
16. Central Banks Maintain Holdings of US Treasury Securities, but For How Long?
17. Finance Ministers And Central Bankers Are Running Out Of Time To Revive Growth And Sentiment
18. USD Losing Strength Ahead of Interest Rate Announcement
19. US Dollar Lower as Stocks Rally in Asia, Higher CPI Not Good News for Euro Zone
20. Euro Rally Threatened with Investor Confidence to See First Drop in Four Months (Euro Open)
21. EUR/USD Hits Two Months' High
22. British Pound Stands Still as Traders Brace for Bank of England Minutes (Euro Open)
23. U.S Interest Rate Announcement on Tap
24. Euro, British Pound Consolidate Gains After Dovish FOMC Sparks Rally (Euro Open)
25. Sudden USD Weakness Shakes the Market
26. Forex Markets Stall to Digest US Dollar Selloff in Asian Trading (Euro Open)
27. Bernanke Speech to Impact Dollar
28. Euro / US Dollar : Is the Down Trend Over?
29. Risk Appetite Seems to Be on The Rebound, But Will It Last?
30. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 03.23.09
31. A New Valuation for the Dollar
32. US Dollar Lower as Risky Assets Extend Gains on Japanese Stimulus Plans (Euro Open)
33. U.S. Toxic Debt Plan Spurs Market Optimism
34. US Dollar Follows Familiar Pattern, Declines as Asian Stocks Rise on US Bank Plan (Euro Open)
35. Despite Shrinking Forex Reserves, China will Continue to Hold US Treasuries
36. A Busy News Days Promises High Volatility
37. Euro Threatened with IFO Business Confidence Set to Fall to Lowest in 26 Years (Euro Open)
38. Dollar Stalled By Threat to Its Reserve Currency Status
39. British Pound in Play with UK Retail Sales to Shrink For First in Four Months (Euro Open)
40. EUR/USD Volatility the Order of the Day
41. Trader Sentiment And Risk Appetite Hinge On Next Weeks G 20 Meeting
42. Euro Higher as Stocks Rebound But Data Threatens with German CPI to Hit 6-Year Low (Euro Open)
43. Pound Moves up Cautiously as Risk Aversion Declines
44. Dollar to Move Today on Release of Economic Data
45. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 03.30.09
46. US Dollar Extends Gains as Stocks, Commodities Tumble in Asian Trading (Euro Open)
47. Greenback Rallies on Speculation the ECB will cut Rates to Its Lowest
48. Euro Zone Annual Inflation Set to Print at Record Low March (Euro Open)
49. Threat of the U.S. Auto Bankruptcy Boosts the Dollar
50. Dollar Rally Cut Short As Risk Evaluated And Data Disappoints
51. Euro Zone Recession Deepens with Unemployment Rate to Hit 2-Year High (Euro Open)
52. U.S. Employment and Housing Data to Lead Today's Market
53. What The Market Expects - And Is Likely To Get - From The G 20 Summit
54. Euro Selling Likely If Central Bank Remains Soft on Interest Rate Cuts (Euro Open)
55. EUR Interest Rate Decision Due Today
56. US Dollar Consolidates Losses, Looks to Non Farm Payrolls for Direction Cues (Euro Open)
57. ECB Surprises the Market and Traders Anticipate Non-Farm Payrolls
58. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 04.06.09
59. Euro Rises with Stocks but Outlook at Risk as Recession Deepens (Euro Open)
60. USD-Confidence Weakens after Poor Economic Data Released
61. Australian Dollar Rallies as Central Bank Signals End to Interest Rate Cuts (Euro Open)
62. Equity Losses Benefit the Dollar
63. US Dollar to Extend Gains Against Euro, British Pound as Risky Assets Falter (Euro Open)
64. Greenback Gains as Market's Optimism Fades
65. Risk Aversion Returns to Forex as Hope from G20 Fades
66. All Eyes Point Toward Bank of England Language In Hours Before Meeting (Euro Open)
67. U.S Dollar Uptrend Continues
68. Traders Are Taking Greater Risk Despite Deteriorating Fundamentals
69. US Dollar Sees Net Gains Against Major Currencies Despite Surging Stock Prices (Euro Open)
70. Dollar Rises Despite Increased Risk Taking
71. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 04.13.09
72. Japan Announces 15 Trillion Yen in New Stimulus Spending (Euro Open)
73. Dollar Strengthens Amid Holiday Trading
74. US Dollar May Fall as Goldman Earnings, Japan Stimulus Boost European Stocks (Euro Open)
75. EUR Correction Continues
76. US Dollar Higher as Stocks Slip in Asian Trading, Fueling Demand for Safety (Euro Open)
77. Financial Firm's Profits Help to Sway the Dollar
78. British Pound in Play with UK Retail Sales to Shrink For First in Four Months (Euro Open)
79. US Housing Data May Spur Further Equity Gains, USD Losses
80. Euro Drops as ECB's Trichet Says He Supports "Strong Dollar" Policy (Euro Open)
81. Dollar Gains Momentum as the EUR Flatlines; JPY Rallies
82. Risk Appetite Put Off Its Pace As Growth And Earnings Forecasts Factor In
83. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 04.20.09
84. US Dollar Advances Against Euro, British Pound as Stocks Meet Resistance (Euro Open)
85. Europe Takes the Wheel of the Forex Market this Week
86. Euro Unlikely to Find Support Despite Improving ZEW Survey (Euro Open)
87. Recession Fears Reignite Safe Haven Buying
88. British Pound in Play with Unemployment to Hit 11-Year High as Recession Deepens (Euro Open)
89. Dollar and Yen Continue to Rise on High Risk Aversion
90. Euro Weakness Against US Dollar to be Amplified as External Balance Sours (Euro Open)
91. Traders Anticipate Heavy News Day in Forex
92. Dollar, Yen And Risk Appetite Await G20 Meeting And US GDP
93. British Pound in Play with UK Economy to Shrink Most in 28 Years (Euro Open)
94. Dollar's Strength Set to Determine Oil Prices Today
95. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 04.27.09
96. US Dollar Pushes Higher as Traders Bet on Wall St Weakness (Euro Open)
97. Greenback is Knocked Down by the Swine Flu in Mexico
98. US Dollar Extends Gains as Stock Markets Tumble on Stress Test Results (Euro Open)
99. Euro, British Pound Follow Stocks Higher Against US Dollar (Euro Open)
100. Market's Focus on the Federal Reserve Rate Decision
101. Higher Euro Zone Inflation Unlikely to Signal Recession is Abating (Euro Open)
102. Dollar Tumbles as Investors Turn to Riskier Assets
103. Dollar, Stocks And Risk Appetite Reaction To Fed's Stress Test May Not Be Straightforward
104. Euro, British Pound Diverge Against US Dollar as Prices Test Key Levels (Euro Open)
105. U.S Manufacturing PMI Figure will Determine Today's Trend
106. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 05.04.09
107. US Dollar Lower As Asian Stocks Rise on Chinese Manufacturing Growth (Euro Open)
108. The Greenback is Trending Lower on Global Recovery
109. Australia Holds Interest Rates Unchanged at 3% as Expected (Euro Open)
110. Increased Optimism sets the Tone for Trading
111. US Dollar Rises on Australian Economic Data, Stress Test Rumors (Euro Open)
112. Dollar Breaks Losing Streak
113. How Will The Euro Respond To The ECB Rate Decision?
114. Euro, British Pound in Focus Ahead of Interest Rate Announcements (Euro Open)
115. Interest Rate Decisions in Europe to Lead Today's Market
116. Immediate Risk Appetite, Dollar, Stock Response To Fed Stress Test A Sign Of Optimism?
117. US Dollar Range-Bound Against Euro, British Pound Ahead of US Jobs Report (Euro Open)
118. Dollar Expects High Volatility Today
119. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 05.11.09
120. US Dollar May Rise as Stock Index Futures Point to a Reversal in Risk Appetite (Euro Open)
121. USD Weakens and World Economies Strengthen?
122. US Dollar 'Certain' to Remain Global Reserve Currency, Says Bernanke (Euro Open)
123. Forex Markets Steady as Stocks Dip
124. British Pound in Play with Central Bank to Announce Growth, Inflation Forecasts (Euro Open)
125. Dollar tumbles to a 4 month low
126. US Dollar Gains Against Major Currencies as Stocks Slip in Asian Trading (Euro Open)
127. Dollar Volatility To Lead Today's Market
128. Can Stocks And High-Yielding Currencies Maintain Their Rally Without Fundamental Support?
129. Euro, Risk Appetite Threatened with German and EZ GDP to Record Deep Losses (Euro Open)
130. Oil Goes Bullish on Weak Dollar
131. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 05.18.09
132. US Dollar Rises as Stock Markets, US Index Futures Turn Lower in Asian Trading (Euro Open)
133. A Busy News week Promises High Volatility
134. US Dollar Extends Losses as Stocks Advance in Asian Trading (Euro Open)
135. Safe Haven Currencies Tumble as Optimism Returns
136. British Pound May Look Past Bank of England Minutes, Follow Risky Assets (Euro Open)
137. Economic Growth Boosts Risk Appetite, Commodity Prices
138. US Dollar Fails to Gain on Stock Weakness, Pressured by Fed Forecasts (Euro Open)
139. Prices Hit Highs Unseen since 2008
140. Is The Carry Trade Recovering?
141. British Pound Strength May Endure on Confirmation of Record UK GDP Decline (Euro Open)
142. Dollar Volatility Set to Impact Forex Market Today
143. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 05.25.09
144. Sentiment May Save Europe as Business Managers Foresee Better Times (Euro Open)
145. USD-Negative Market Reversal Due this Week?
146. Merkel's Forecast to be Further Realized With Finalized GDP Estimate (Euro Open)
147. Can German Ifo Data Reverse EUR Trends?
148. US Dollar Suffers a Sharp Reversal Despite a Positive Confidence Report
149. Dollar Plummets to Seven-Month Lows as Asian Equities Rally (Euro Open)
150. USD Regains Value Against the Majors
151. German Unemployment Estimates May Come Out Worse Than Expected (Euro Open)
152. Positive Economic Data from the U.S. Pushes Up Dollar and Oil
153. Market Sentiment and Carry Interest Will Have To Find Its Bearings Soon
154. Deflation, Not Inflation, Might Dominate Headlines Tomorrow (Euro Open)
155. U.S Prelim GDP Figure will Determine Today's Trend
156. Australia Holds Rates at 3% But Says Deflation May Prompt Future Easing (Euro Open)
157. A Global Stock Market Rally Leads Trading
158. Euro Zone GDP to Confirm Economy Shrank at Record Pace in First Quarter (Euro Open)
159. U.S Economy Awaits ADP Non Farm Employment Figures
160. Euro, British Pound in Play as Forex Markets Brace for Interest Rate Decisions (Euro Open)
161. Tomorrow's U.S. Non-Farm Payrolls to Dictate USD Direction
162. Carry Interest is Rising But a Lack of Risk Doesn't Translate Into Strong Fundamentals
163. Forex Markets See Trading Ranges Narrow as Traders Brace for US Jobs Report (Euro Open)
164. U.S. Non-Farm Employment Change Data to Dominate USD Trading
165. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 06.08.09
166. Monthly Forecasts for US Dollar - June
167. Euro Vulnerable as Looming Currency Crisis in Latvia Threatens Contagion (Euro Open)
168. Greenback Slips After Posting Its Largest 1 Day Gain
169. USD Quivers from Chrysler-Fiat Ordeal
170. Euro Threatened as German Consumer Prices Point to Deflation (Euro Open)
171. Crude Oil Prices Surprise with Bullishness as USD Weakens
172. Euro Weakness Looms on Latvia Currency Crisis, EU Regulation Scheme (Euro Open)
173. EUR and USD in Struggle for Dominance
174. Carry Diverges From Risk Appetite: What are the Risks to a Market Recovery?
175. US Dollar Looks Past Stock Markets to Advance in Asian Trading (Euro Open)
176. G20 Summit and U.S. Consumer Sentiment Set To Dominate USD Trading
177. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 06.15.09
178. Euro, British Pound Selling May Accelerate As CPI Reports Stoke Deflation Fears (Euro Open)
179. Return to Risk Aversion over Negative U.S Data
180. British Pound in Play with Jobs Report, Bank of England Minutes on Tap (Euro Open)
181. British Pound May Dominate Today's Market
182. Risk Appetite Weighed by Forecasts for Recession, Looming Financial Risks
183. Euro in Focus as German Producer Prices Stoke Deflation Expectations (Euro Open)
184. Philly Fed Manufacturing Index Boosts Dollar
185. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 06.22.09
186. Euro May Rise on German IFO Gains But Overall Outlook Remains Bearish (Euro Open)
187. Traders Anticipate Heavy News this Week in Forex
188. Japanese Yen Surges as Stocks Tumble on Global Economic Growth Concerns (Euro Open)
189. World Bank Forecast Returns Traders to Safe-Havens
190. Forex Markets Range-Bound, Looking to FOMC to Guide Risk Sentiment (Euro Open)
191. US Federal Funds Rate to Drive the Market Today
192. US Dollar Threatened as Asian Stocks, US Index Futures See Rising Risk Appetite (Euro Open)
193. U.S. Unemployment Claims on Tap
194. Euro Selling Possible as German Inflation Shrinks For the First Time in 23 Years (Euro Open)
195. Ben Bernanke Speech to Continue Dominating Dollar Volatility Today
196. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 06.29.09
197. US Dollar Surges as China Backtracks on 'Super-Sovereign Currency' Comments (Euro Open)
198. Dollar Rises on Reserve Currency Debate
199. Euro, British Pound Gains Threatened with Key GDP, CPI Data on Tap (Euro Open)
200. Rally in Equities Pushes Investors to Riskier Assets
201. Euro Vulnerable as German Retail Sales Stall, Bolstering Case for ECB Rate Cut (Euro Open)
202. ADP Employment Data to Drive the Majors Today
203. Euro Volatility Likely as European Central Bank Announces Interest Rates (Euro Open)
204. U.S. Non-Farm Employment Change Data to Drive USD Volatility Today
205. Swiss Franc Threatened as CPI Falls Most in 33 Years, Points to SNB Intervention (Euro Open)
206. Dollar Soars as its Global Reserve Currency Status Returns to the Forefront
207. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 07.06.09
208. G8 Meeting to Spur Forex Market Volatility
209. Australia Keeps Interest Rates at 3% but RBA Sees 'Scope' For Further Easing (Euro Open)
210. Risk Aversion Subsides as Data Boosts Confidence
211. British Pound in Play with Bank of England to Announce Interest Rates (Euro Open)
212. USD Declines vs. The Yen On Economy Concern
213. US Dollar Corrects Higher, Japanese Producer Prices Fall Most on Record (Euro Open)
214. Dollar Under Downward Pressure as G8 Summit Takes Its Toll
215. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 07.13.09
216. Monthly Forecasts for US Dollar - July
217. High Volatility might Continue this Week
218. Forex Markets to Trade with Risk Appetite, Goldman and J&J Earnings in Focus (Euro Open)
219. Risk Appetite Returns to Trading
220. Euro and British Pound Vulnerable on Weak UK Jobs, Euro Zone Inflation Data (Euro Open)
221. European Economic Sentiment Plunges, EUR Flattens
222. New Zealand Dollar Tumbles as Fitch Downgrades Credit Outlook to a 'Negative' (Euro Open)
223. Crude Rises the Most in 3 Weeks
224. U.S. Building Permits Data to Drive USD Trading Today
225. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 07.20.09
226. US Dollar Falls on Stock Gains as CIT Avoids Bankruptcy, Commodities Rise (Euro Open)
227. Traders Focus on Commodities as USD Slides
228. British Pound Vulnerable as UK Cash Shortage Rises, Threatening Credit Rating (Euro Open)
229. CIT Bailout Adds to Risk Appetite, Safe-Havens in Decline
230. British Pound to Look Past Bank of England Minutes, Trade on Risk Sentiment (Euro Open)
231. Greenback Rebounds from 6-Week Low
232. British Pound to Look Past Retail Sales, Home Loans Data to Trade on Risk Appetite (Euro Open)
233. Global Stock Rally Dominates USD Trading
234. Dollar Trading To Be Dominated By Bernanke and Geithner Testimony
235. US Dollar Supported as Stocks Surge with Treasury Sales to Boost Yields (Euro Open)
236. Forex Trading Weekly Forecast - 07.27.09
237. US Dollar Avoids Breakdown Despite Stock Rally, Bond Auction Looms Ahead (Euro Open)
238. Dollar Falls as Investors Turn to Riskier Assets
239. Australian Dollar Surges as RBA Chief Talks Up Economy, Hints at Rate Hikes (Euro Open)
240. The Currency Market Keeps on Eye on U.S.-China Dialogue
241. Greenback Rebounds from Earlier Lows
242. Euro May Extend Losses as German Jobless Rate Hits Highest in Nearly 2 Years (Euro Open)
243. Crude Oil Price Crashes after Unusually High Inventory Data
244. Euro Zone Consumer Prices to Shrink for Second Month, Boosting Deflation Risk (Euro Open)
245. U.S. Dollar to Go Volatile on the Release of Advance GDP Figures
246. Forex Weekly Trading Forecast - 08.03.09
247. Stocks Rally is "Excessive", Financial System "Very Damaged" Says Roubini (Euro Open)
248. Full Week of Fundamental Data Looks to Provide Volatility
249. Euro Zone, Swiss Prices Set to Fall Again, Stoking Deflation Fears (Euro Open)
250. Greenback Touches 2009 Low vs. Currency Basket
251. Australia's Stimulus Plan May Be Losing Steam as Service Demand Shrinks (Euro Open)
252. USD's Bearishness at an End? Today's News May Tell
253. Monthly Forecasts for US Dollar - August
254. European and British Interest Rate Announcements on Tap
255. Euro, British Pound in Play Ahead of Key Interest Rate Decisions (Euro Open)
256. Currency Markets to Look Past European Data, Focus on US Jobs Report (Euro Open)
257. U.S Non-Farm employment Change Set to Determine USD Volatility
258. Forex Weekly Trading Forecast - 08.10.09
259. Japan's Reliance on the World Pays Off As Exports Jump (Euro Open)
260. Dollar Continues to Rise on Jobs Boost
261. Wholesale Prices Expected to Decline Sharply, Euro May Follow (Euro Open)
262. Dollar Rallies vs. Most Rivals but Loses against the Yen
263. Euro, Pound on Ease Ahead of Fed Decision (Euro Open)
264. JPY This Week's Lead Investment; US Federal Funds Rate Today!
265. Euro-Zone Economic Contraction Set to Ease (Euro Open)
266. USD Setback Could Change Course Following Today's Retail Sales
267. Australia Readies to Raise Interest Rates, Says Central Bank Chief (Euro Open)
268. Dollar Anticipates Release of U.S. Core CPI
269. Forex Weekly Trading Forecast - 08.17.09
270. Euro Drops to Key Support as Risk Aversion Hits Currency Markets (Euro Open)
271. Empire State Manufacturing Index to Lead USD Trading
272. Euro, British Pound Fail to Build Momentum Ahead of CPI, ZEW Releases (Euro Open)
273. Greenback Trades Lower Ahead of the U.S Housing Starts Report
274. British Pound at Center Stage as Bank of England Publishes Meeting Minutes (Euro Open)
275. European Currencies on the Rise along with Risk Appetite
276. British Pound Holds 1.65 Level Against US Dollar Ahead of Retail Sales Report (Euro Open)
277. BOE Reveals Doubt over Short-Term Recovery
278. US Dollar, Japanese Yen to Gain as China Tightens Bank Rules (Euro Open)
279. USD to Go Volatile on U.S. Homes Sales and Bernanke Speech
280. Forex Weekly Trading Forecast - 08.24.09
281. US Dollar Supported as Stocks Rally, Australian Dollar Options Signal Losses (Euro Open)
282. Will the Dollar's Bearish Trend Continue this Week?
283. Currency Markets Quiet as Obama Says Bernanke to Be Nominated for 2nd Term (Euro Open)
284. U.S Consumer Confidence will determine Today's Trend
285. Euro May Gain as German IFO Rises But Long-Term Outlook Favors Downside (Euro Open)
286. Crude Oil Plummets on Profit Taking
287. Euro in Play as German CPI Shrinks for Second Month, Boosting Deflation Fears (Euro Open)
288. Dollar Benefits on U.S. Economic Data; Today Traders Focus on the U.S Unemployment Claims
289. Bank of China Plans to Cut Lending, Threatening Risk Appetite (Euro Open)
290. U.S. Consumer Spending Report at Forefront of Forex Trading Today
291. Forex Weekly Trading Forecast - 08.31.09
292. Japanese Yen Surges as Stocks Drop on Election Results, China Bank Earnings (Euro Open)
293. Forex Traders Anticipate Heavy News Week
294. Australia Keeps Rates on Hold, Says Loose Monetary Policy ''Appropriate'' (Euro Open)
295. USD Trades Lower on Market Optimism
296. Australian Dollar Gains on GDP But Stock Drop Limits Upside (Euro Open)
297. The USD Benefits as Wall Street Slides
298. Euro in Focus as ECB Announces Interest Rates, Updates Economic Outlook (Euro Open)
299. U.S. Unemployment Claims to Set the Level for the USD Today
300. Currency Markets to Look Past European Data, Focus on US Jobs Report (Euro Open)
301. U.S. Non-Farm Employment Change to Determine Today's Trends
302. Forex Weekly Trading Forecast - 09.07.09
303. G20 Pledges to Coordinate Stimulus Exit Plans to Limit Market Volatility (Euro Open)
304. Dollar Expects Low Volatility Today
305. Euro, British Pound May Gain Against US Dollar as Stock Futures Rise (Euro Open)
306. Forex Market to Move on News Coming from Europe and Canada
307. Australian Dollar Retreats on Disappointing Retail Sales, Lending Data (Euro Open)
308. Commodity prices Surprise with Bullishness as USD Weakens
309. British Pound Takes Center Stage as Bank of England Announces Interest Rates (Euro Open)
310. GBP Anticipates Volatility before Rate Decision
311. US Dollar Sold as Chinese Lending Tops Expectations, Boosting Risky Assets (Euro Open)
312. U.S. Prelim UoM Consumer Sentiment to Lead USD Trading Today
313. Forex Weekly Trading Forecast - 09.14.09
314. US Dollar Surges as Stocks Drop in Asian Trading, Boosting Demand for Safety (Euro Open)
315. Obama Speech to Impact Dollar
316. Euro, British Pound May Decline Against US Dollar as Equity Futures Point Lower (Euro Open)
317. Dollar Down to Weakest Level of 2009
318. British Pound Selling Continues With Unemployment to Set 12-Year High (Euro Open)
319. USD Hits 1-Year Low on U.S Economic Pessimism
320. Swiss Franc in Focus as SNB Announces Rates, Currency Policy (Euro Open)
321. USD Continues Decline; Slow Economic Recovery Expected
322. US Dollar Rises on Safety Demand as Stocks Retreat in Asian Trading (Euro Open)
323. Dollar Edges Up Against EUR, Crude Falls with Stocks
324. Forex Weekly Trading Forecast - 09.21.09
325. US Dollar May Gain as Currency Markets Follow Risk Trends in European Hours (Euro Open)
326. Dollar Tentatively Higher Ahead of Federal Reserve Meeting
327. Currency Markets to Trade with Risk Sentiment on Thin Economic Calendar (Euro Open)
328. Market Expects Low Volatility Today
329. British Pound Volatility Threat High as Currency Markets Focus on BOE Minutes (Euro Open)
330. U.S. Interest Rates on Tap
331. Euro in Play with German IFO to Show Business Outlook Rose for Third Month (Euro Open)
332. USD Up on Fed Statements; Oil Sinks on Demand Concerns
333. Currency Markets Look to G20 Summit Outcome to Guide Price Action (Euro Open)
334. Dollar, Yen up Ahead of the G20 Meeting
335. Forex Weekly Trading Forecast - 09.28.09
336. Japan's Currency Hits a 7 Month High
337. Dollar Rallies on Weak German Data
338. EUR Gains on Successful Portugal and Poland Debt Auctions
339. Encouraging US News Leads to Renewal in Risk Taking
340. Forex Weekly Trading Forecast - 09.13.10
341. Euro Maintains Bullish Trend as We Start the Week
342. USD/JPY Hits New 15-year Low
343. Yen Reaches 15-Year High
344. Rare Japanese Intervention in Yen Trading Manages to Halt Yen's Bullish Trend
345. US Economic Recovery Not So Bleak, Data Shows
346. Forex Weekly Trading Forecast - 09.20.10
347. Will The Yen's Bearish Momentum Continue?
348. Markets Cautious Ahead of FOMC Meeting Statements
349. USD/JPY Declines Below 85 yen
350. Dollar Declines to 5-Month Low Against the EUR
351. EUR to Benefit from American and Japanese Bank Moves?
352. Forex Weekly Trading Forecast - 09.27.10
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What is Forex?

If you would go out on a dinner with your friends or family and you mentioned that you were trading on the Forex market most of them wouldn’t know what you were talking about. The worst thing is that most of the Forex traders that join the Forex market don’t know what they are doing. Understanding what Forex is, is the first good step to your success at Forex trading.

The foreign exchange market (Currency, Forex, or FX) is where currency trading takes place. It is where banks and other official institutions facilitate the buying and selling of foreign currencies. Forex transactions typically involve one party purchasing a quantity of one currency in exchange for paying a quantity of another. The foreign exchange market that we see today started evolving during the 1970s when world over countries gradually switched to floating exchange rate from their erstwhile exchange rate regime, which remained fixed as per the Bretton Woods system till 1971.

Today, the Forex market is one of the largest and most liquid financial markets in the world, and includes trading between large banks, central banks, currency speculators, corporations, governments, and other institutions. The average daily volume in the global foreign exchange and related markets is continuously growing. Traditional daily turnover was reported to be over US$3.2 trillion in April 2007 by the Bank for International Settlements. Since then, the market has continued to grow. According to Euromoney's annual Forex Poll, volumes grew a further 41% between 2007 and 2008.

Forex Turnover

Forex Turnover
Main foreign exchange market turnover, 1988 - 2007, measured in billions of USD.
The purpose of Forex market is to facilitate trade and investment. The need for a foreign exchange market arises because of the presence of multifarious international currencies such as US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Yen, etc., and the need for trading in such currencies. Since you aren’t buying anything physical this kind of trading can be confusing. When buying a currency think of it as buying a part in that particular country’s economy because the currency rate reflects the economical situation of the country when compared to others.


List of most popular currencies on the Forex market

Forex used to be a closed market because only the “big boys” because you needed between 10 and 50 million $ to open an account. But today, with the development of internet, online Forex brokers have the possibility to offer their services to “little” traders. All you need to start is a computer, fast internet connection and information which you can find on this page also.

This enormous market is like the dangerous sea where you can meet lots of sharks and dangerous waters but at the same time it is the only one where two weeks of trading can hypothetically bring you $1,000,000 out of $1,000 of initial investment.

This is certainly hypothetically because a lot of newbie traders deal with their trades as gambling, that surely bring them to having nothing in the end. You should always keep the phrase "be careful!" in your mind. This market would give you its profit possibilities only if you learn the basic things hard and make lots of demo trading.

The statistics is that as much as 95% of traders come to losing their money at Forex, 5% have profit and less than 1% of traders make large fortune at Forex. You shouldn't produce, sell or advertise anything trading at Forex. Your assets are your knowledge, experience and a small amount of cash.

This market is a platform for banks, transnational corporations and individual traders to change the currencies they possess into other ones. This is the spot Forex market. At this market you can trade with up to 1:400 leverage which means that you'll get $400 on your account for each dollar invested. So, you can trade with the $400,000 sum having invested $1,000 onto your account.

Forex is unique among other world markets because in any time of day and night, somewhere in the world, a financial centre is open for business, banks and corporations exchange currency all the time, with a little lower frequency during the weekend.

Why to trade on Forex?

1. There is no commission fee for trading at Forex.
2. There is no intermediary, you can trade directly at Forex.
3. Forex is open 24-hours a day.
4. Nobody can influence the market for a longer period.
5. High liquidity.
6. Free demo accounts, analysis and charts.
7. Small accounts that allow everyone to try out his luck.

Hope this has answered a lot of questions you were asking yourself about Forex and that you can now start trading. Also make sure that you check out other articles on this blog which can help you earn your fortune.

Good luck to everyone!